Protect your health and support men’s health!

Posted on 30 October 2013

In support of Men’s Health, Globaleye will donate $100 to Movember for every new Critical Illness Plan taken out during November 2013.

A serious illness brings with it many challenges, but a Critical Illness Plan allows you to face them with confidence, providing a cash lump sum when you need it most:

1. Pay for treatment costs
The costs involved in effectively treating a serious illness such as cancer can be astronomical, with prices continuing to rise. Critical Illness Insurance helps meet the cost when health insurance policies become inadequate in paying for the appropriate treatment.

2. Pay for ongoing care
Few people realise that the cost of the recuperation period can far exceed the expensive treatment stage. Every illness is unique; some people can be back on their feet and ready to take on the world right away whilst others need more time to fully recover. Critical Illness Cover can support you with the necessary funds for ongoing recovery care.

3. Pay for lost wages
Anyone living with a Critical Illness may need to take time from work to undergo tests, operative procedures, surgeries, treatment plans, recovery, etc. Critical Illness Cover can help by replacing lost income due to extended periods away from work.

If you would like to find out more about Critical Illness Cover, or Globaleye’s donation to Movember, please complete the following form: