Would you like to be a part of the School Building Project in Malawi?

Posted on 10 May 2016

Following a visit to Africa with Alquity Investment Management in 2012, Globaleye have been working in partnership with Alquity to enhance the development of Mtemaumo School near Blantyre, Malawi, through investing in their Alquity Africa Fund and a variety of internal company fund raising activities.

Since Globaleye’s last visit to Malawi, Africa in August 2015, donations have been raised to rebuild a bridge that had previously been destroyed by severe flooding so that children are now able to attend school all year around. A kitchen had been installed to ensure every student attending the school receives one meal a day. Part of the donations have also been used to ensure the entire community surrounding the school has access to clean drinking water.

We have also received sufficient donations to build two additional classrooms and one library. Attendance at the school has since doubled with the simple implication of these key areas. Since the number of children attending has greatly increased, it is now essential to build more classrooms to accommodate new students.

 Our Next Visit

On May 25th 2016 some of the Globaleye team will be heading back to Malawi to officially open the new classrooms. Whilst visiting, they will collate feedback on the progress of the students and the community (the community have been educated on maintenance procedures so they do not have to rely on others). In addition, they will make sure if the wells are still working effectively and check if kitchen is still capable of supplying food to every student on a daily basis.

Globaleye’s partnership with Alquity Investment Management is to make sure children in Malawi are utilizing the new education facilities installed at the Mtemaumo School. Whilst on this trip, the Globaleye team will be looking at what else is required at the school. Globaleye’s goal is to provide the best foundation for the students to enable them to progress to a higher education, and onward to employment and more!

The School Building Project in Malawi will ensure the children of Malawi receive the fundamental education that they require, however we can always do more. Any donations whether through funds, used stationary or books are greatly received and appreciated. The items may include unwanted reading books for children up to the age of 10-12, school stationery and sports equipment (suitable for children) such as footballs, cricket bats/balls and tennis rackets.