Be Bold For Change

08 March 2017

This International Women’s Day, Globaleye has joined the ‘Be Bold For Change’ campaign by launching a new financial advisory, just for women.

Her Finance is designed to empower women with the knowledge and know-how to make informed decisions and achieve their financial ambitions. Wealth Manager Linda Heath says the launch will help to counter a massive underrepresentation in the industry. “Many female clients feel this industry is dominated by males. They often feel uncomfortable talking to men about their finances, especially if Wealth Management isn’t a subject they are familiar with.” 


Reshaping the future

With the gender pay gap expected to exist for at least another 70 years, women the world over are having to continue the fight for equality.

Ms Heath believes the only way to change the future of finance is to empower women with more information and choices. “Single ladies need to be in control of their financial future. And so do married women. I have dealt with ladies that have expressed a preference to have their children’ s education planning in their name, so they can continue to look after their child’s best interests should their marital status change. This portal enables women to seek information confidentially and in the company women advisors.” 


How can Her Finance help me? 

With so many grey areas in finance, female expats are often left wondering what choices to make for some pretty big decisions. Her Finance is designed to help women plan their financial futures, offering a range of services including: savings, investments, insurance, education planning, mortgages, retirement and wills.

The portal gives women access to the best female wealth managers in the region – a team of highly accredited and knowledgeable women, who have joined the campaign because they share a commitment to creating bright and secure financial futures for females in the UAE.

The portal is part of the Globaleye family, backed by eminent partnerships with the likes of Fidelity and Quilter Cheviot, and with a strong commitment to compliance and regulation.

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