Breast Cancer – Precaution, Prevention and Planning

16 October 2017

Cancer is probably the most dreaded word of our generation. The disease has been a silent killer for centuries, with more than 100 known cancer varieties and not a single comprehensive cure available. Some cancers prove fatal, whereas others can be managed for years through treatment after early detection. Cancers can affect any part of our body, be it lungs, skin, brain, blood, or even bones.

Breast Cancer is prevalent in women, affecting one in eight according to research by American Cancer Society and National Breast Cancer Foundation.


How to help prevent cancer

Breast Cancer can affect anyone, but the key to survival and recovery is to take precaution and be prepared. Experts believe that adopting a healthy lifestyle from an early age decreases the possibility of developing breast cancer.

This may include eating a balanced healthy diet, regular exercise, avoiding alcohol and tobacco, regular health checks, annual breast exams, healthy social life, regular activities, managing stress, getting enough sleep. As with any other disease, prevention is always better than cure.

However, since there are many factors that cause breast cancer, the sad reality is that some women may still be at risk of developing a cancer even after taking precautions. In this case, early detection of cancer, and use of latest advanced cancer healthcare facilities, can drastically increase the chances of survival and help manage the disease for several years.

The future is uncertain for all of us, but for someone diagnosed with a cancer the emotional and financial implications of cancer can be devastating. Advanced cancer healthcare is definitely not cheap; the cost of treatment can be enormous, and there may be lost wages if the patient is unable to work during treatment.


How to prepare for the worst

The key to managing such a critical illness is to effectively manage finances, and to have the lump sum ready when you need it most. Early financial planning and investing in a Critical Illness Plan can be of great support in case tough times are on the horizon.

If you are insured, you have complete peace of mind at least regarding the financial aspects of the treatment and post-treatment care. There are many insurance plans available in the market that help people plan ahead for critical illnesses. It is important to consult an insurance broker before selecting one. In summary, there is more than one way we can defeat breast cancer.

We can spread awareness, take precautions, look after ourselves, and plan ahead for uncertainties in life. With a little bit of care and effort now, we can safeguard against this dreaded disease and the challenges it brings.

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