Britons Living Healthier Lives For Longer

16 September 2012

People in the UK are living in good health for longer, according to a recent Office for National Statistics (ONS) report.

Healthy life expectancy increased by more than two years in the period 2008-10 compared with 2005-07.

In 2008-10, healthy life expectancy for males at birth in the UK was 63.5 years, meaning – with overall life expectancy at 78.1 years – they spend 81% of their life in very good or good general health.

For females, healthy life expectancy at birth was higher at 65.7 years, equivalent to 80% of total life expectancy, which is 82.1 years.

However, the report found that while the proportion of life spent in good health is increasing in England and Wales, it is falling in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The ONS said: “These findings indicate that Scotland and Northern Ireland may face proportionally greater future demands on health services than England and Wales.”

Source: Health Insurance & Protection

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