Enjoy your expat nesting. Just don’t forget the egg.

James Marks | 13 April 2017

We all know it’s an ‘eggsellent’ idea to build a nest egg. But for many people enjoying a move overseas, the savings are often forgotten.


Planning ahead is a critical aspect of building up wealth and protecting your personal economy. Globaleye Wealth Manager James Marks shares his top tips for those who want to learn more about growing their nest egg this Easter.


I don’t have much money. Can I still invest?


The simple answer is yes. Remember an oak tree was once an acorn. It is important to understand what time frame you have and what your end goal is, regardless of what you have today.


What type of plan should I invest in?


It varies from client to client. I always suggest you build your plan with a strong base, making sure you have 6 months’ expenses sat in cash in your bank account and that you’re fully protected from an insurance point of view, should life throw you a curve ball.


Aim to plan long and save medium. Your personal and professional situation will change vastly as you progress through life, so breaking your savings down into shorter goals will help you to diversify your portfolio.


Let’s say you have 21 years until your retirement age, we work out your end target figure and split that down into monthly amounts. I would then normally recommend a short-term segment of 7 years, saving an affordable amount. When this is completed, we have a great deal of options to help you target your nest egg over the coming 14 years.


Why is a diversified portfolio so important?


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. All markets are affected by different factors at different times, so by having a truly diversified portfolio of savings, investments and property, you are protecting yourself from market downturns. One such suggestion is to use well managed and diversified funds with a reasonable fee structure like the ÆON platform. This provides clients with flexibility and assurance through daily pricing and structures to guarantee the client’s assets remain liquid, giving investors the freedom and capability to remove and sell their holdings whenever they wish.   

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