Expat UK Pension Report

12 September 2013

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Our free guide will cover all the options you may have now, and in retirement. This can include finding details of where the scheme is and the benefits that you are entitled to. We explore the options both now and the implications of going/moving to different countries around the world either in retirement and continuing to work. There are all the links to all the forms you would require in an easy to understand guide.

Learn all the facts about moving your pension overseas or keeping it within the UK so that you can make an informed decision.

  • How do I find out details about my UK pension?
  • How do I receive my UK pension whilst retiring abroad?
  • What is a QROPS and is it suitable for me?
  • Is it worth paying into a UK state pension?
  • What are the rules about moving to Australia?
  • How do I pass my pension on to my family?
  • Do I need to pay tax in the UK or my future country?

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