Malawi: Investing in Lives

31 October 2012


The Globaleye School Programme is making a huge impact on this community in Malawi, and this September will bring the start of the project of reshaping the Mtemaumo School in the country.

Globaleye's MD Scott Balsdon and I recently visited Malawi to see how the 25% of the management fee from the Alquity Africa Fund is spent on sustainable projects.

Alquity Investment Management, in partnership with UK registered charity The One Foundation, helps people in developing countries who struggle to earn a living and who do not have access to credit and savings services from large banks and financial institutions.

Alquity donates a minimum of 25% of their net fund management fees from the Alquity Africa Fund to The One Foundation, which directly supports microfinance programmes to create jobs and lift people out of poverty.

During our stay we visited several people whose lives have been transformed by microfinancing loans, as well as visiting various schools who are benefiting from feeding programmes. 

Please click here to download the report

Paul Robinson, CEO of Alquity Investment Management and founder of The One Foundation, will be presenting two seminars in Dubai and Abu Dhabi on the 6th & 7th of November, covering why Africa is the big investment storyclick here for further information. 

He will also be on Radio Dubai Eye on Monday 5th November at 7.45am.

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