Time to spring clean your portfolio

James Spence | 01 May 2017

2017 is shaping up to be a big political year and thoroughly reviewing your portfolio is a necessity to ensure your investments stay on track.


France, Germany and China have major elections, Brexit’s been delivered, Trump’s had his first 100 days and Erdogan’s got ‘his’ Turkey – such major political events are giving rise to a global feeling of unpredictability that may (or may not) affect the markets.


How to review your portfolio

To keep your portfolio on the right track, it’s important to review your investments regularly so that you can ensure you’re happy with your performance. Taking stock of your investments will help you identify any duds, highlight problem areas, identify changes you should be making to suit your lifestyle and keep your investments on the right track.


Take time to consider which parts of your portfolio have performed well. In reviewing your asset allocation, it will become clear which areas need to be addressed and rebalanced. If you fail to do this, you could be exposing yourself to greater financial risk.


Is it complicated to conduct a review?

For Globaleye clients, conducting a portfolio check couldn’t be more simple. The GVS is an innovative online tool which gives users in-the-moment information about how their investments are performing, including assets such as property, cash, pensions and insurances.  This type of control enables clients to make informed decisions to their portfolio, alongside advice from Globaleye’s wealth managers. 


I don’t want the hassle. Is there an easier way to invest?

For the investor who prefers a ‘hands-off’ approach, Globaleye offers its clients a unique alternative called ÆON.


The ÆON platform is an option for investors seeking high value solutions, reduced risk and significantly reduced costs, as well as minimal effort on the client’s part. The solution reacts with the markets – without the need for intervention from the client. Portfolios are managed with the aim of generating better returns and reducing costs. The platform is supported by two of the world’s leading names in wealth management – Fidelity and Quilter Cheviot. They bring to the table millions of dollars in annual investment research, as well as a dedicated investment team which works around the clock, adjusting and rebalancing funds to ensure portfolios are aligned to their risk profile – without the client ever having to lift a finger.



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