US Tax Compliant Investment Management

17 July 2014

Have you left your investment accounts in America?

Did you ever work in America?
Did you ever fund an employer’s 401K, invest in an IRA or Roth IRA?
Maybe you have company stock that you received but never sold. Are these accounts long forgotten, or even frozen, now that you no longer live in America?

If so, Globaleye may be able to manage your accounts for you.*

Whether or not you are a US citizen, Globaleye has a US platform for those who need US tax compliant investment management. We offer our clients:

  • an evidence-based investment approach
  • a global investment strategy
  • highly diversified managed & bespoke portfolios
  • a low cost institutional framework
  • transparent fees – no hidden costs or lockups
  • tax efficiency from a US perspective
  • 1099 tax reporting
  • online account access
  • monthly statements

Globaleye’s American Wealth Management team has considerable experience in helping expats around the world to understand the complexities of managing their global wealth.

For more information please email Ann Marie Regal at or use the contact form below.

*Minimum combined account size of $250,000USD applies.

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