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3 questions to ask yourself for your financial well-being in 2022

Friday, January 07, 2022

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3 questions to ask yourself for your financial well-being in 2022 Group CEO
3 questions to ask yourself for your financial well-being in 2022

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New Year often brings with it the optimism of possibility. The hope that what could be is far greater than what has come before.

It is not always thought of, but building a stable financial infrastructure opens endless opportunities to be creative with your life. If you have the imagination to dream big and the finances to support it, then you are free to explore the best of life.

Once you have found a trusted financial adviser who is happy to support you, you can begin with some key questions.

  1. What is your financial situation now?
  2. Where would you like to be?
  3. What is the best option you have available to you now?

A general goal is to have the financial stability that affords you the time and means to enjoy your life. Naturally, you will want to know that the same opportunities can be passed on to your loved ones; and as you envision a brighter future, you can boldly look towards carrying on your legacy.

As these questions relate to your long-term financial outlook, a good start is by asking yourself whether you are making the right choices with your wealth.  

Envisioning your growth

Envisioning your growth inevitably asks you to consider the direction that you believe your life, and the world, is going in.

With increased focus on ESG, stepping into the new year is a good time to consider the impact that your wealth is having on the world around you. Moreover, you can also consider the ways in which broadening into ESG can contribute to your wealth growth.

As the business and financial world mirrors developments seen in the social world, we see more and more advantages of ESG investment.

Leading business institutes, such as Deloitte and Forbes, are showing interest in the promise of ESG as they analyse the costs of foregoing ESG against the benefits of pursuing it.

In this respect, findings show a positive correlation between ESG and financial performance, namely on revenue growth, profitability and customer satisfaction.

As global citizens, you belong to this world. So as the world moves towards a sustainable future, going into the new year can be an opportunity to consider how you can truly make an impact with your wealth.

Contingency plans

Unfortunately, we enter 2022 with the pandemic still looming over our heads. It just goes to prove that life moves in its own uncontrollable way, and our best hope lies in our ability to stay adaptable and resilient.

That said, when re-assessing your financial portfolio, you should consider any-and-all eventualities. 

Should anything happen to you or your loved ones, having a dependable financial plan can take away a substantial amount of worry.

In spite of upsets, and in light of our limited time here, we want you to focus on having a good life. A life you can look back on with joy and is filled with unbounded experiences. Putting time into organising contingency plans now allows you to move on towards making exuberant memories to last a lifetime.

Leave a legacy

Finally, as you look at your long-term goals, you will inevitably consider your ultimate goal of leaving a legacy that you can be proud of.

Perhaps you are looking towards your retirement goals and how you can live more with the additional time you have. Perhaps you are considering the impact you can have on your loved ones. Whatever it is, the beginning of a new year has associated sentiments of growth. Whether personally, professionally, or financially.

Ask yourself what you want your financial portfolio to look like, not just for today but for future generations. Then take the time now to understand how you could achieve that.

Feel free to discover how our wealth managers can support you towards a prosperous 2022. 

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