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5 traits of our most successful clients

Friday, March 04, 2022

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5 traits of our most successful clients Rupert Searle
5 traits of our most successful clients

Lifestyle | Motivational

Change and uncertainty is, ironically, the only constant through time, and with so many distractions, it can be challenging to find a routine. However, there is one thing that successful people rely on to carry them through.

That is discipline.

As the saying goes, “discipline will take you places motivation can’t”. Being self-disciplined means having good habits, and an even greater sense of accountability. Considering that over 90% of human behaviour is habitual – from where we go, to who we talk to – it is worth ensuring you have the ability to exert the power of your self-will (through self-discipline), without the need for an external push (by being accountable).

Whilst many different disciplines progress our personal and professional lives, below are 5 common ones we have seen in our most successful clients.

1. Maintaining focus

Doing what you can to maintain a clear mind goes a long way towards staying focused. It can start small by simply thinking about the day ahead of you and organising your thoughts, to also being more ingrained. Staying busy and always doing the things you say you will, will subtly shift your mind towards staying focused.

The Japanese call it Ikigai, which roughly translates to “the happiness of always being busy”, and it's a philosophy that has been found to underpin longer life expectancy and happiness. Fundamentally, it minimises overthinking – something renowned for stalling decisions and creativity while maximising anxiety and stress – and perpetuates a more holistic lifestyle.

2. Leading with purpose

On a deeper level, staying busy is driven by having a purpose. Motivation is fleeting but having a purpose – a reason for doing what you do that speaks to your core values – is a much stronger driving force to push you towards success. Your purpose will be the reason you get up each morning; the reason why each day is valued to you and the reason you persevere through challenges. It can lead you to success by aligning what you love with what the world needs; what you can be paid for; and what you are good at.

3. Continued learning

Staying well-informed doesn’t come without a habit of being informed. Seeking out knowledge in whatever form comes easy to you – whether on a daily basis from books, journals, or podcasts, or in a more invested form, such as doing courses or further education – will make you a disciplined learner.

Lifelong learning is known to develop your skillset and deepen your thoughts. Most importantly, it allows you to realise that there is always room for growth. Research shows that 88% of the world’s wealthiest read for at least 30 minutes per day.  From Warren Buffet to Bill Gates, global leaders are notably crediting reading as a practice that broadens their knowledge and is key to their success.

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."

WRITTEN BY J. F. Kennedy

4. Prioritising health

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has never been as important as in these recent years. In so many ways, the pandemic has given a new perspective on life. But in one grounded way, it has given us gratitude for our health and shown the importance of putting health first. It has also redefined health to consider mental health too. So, doing whatever you might need to allow yourself to feel healthier – is always a priority.  

5. Keeping a good support system

Humans are social creatures, but ‘social’ must be defined as meaningful connections with the people around us. If not, the company can be draining and leave you feeling less than energised. The best relationships are those that add meaning to your life, whether they help you feel a sense of belonging, support you through anything, or inspire you to do more with your life.  Having a sense of belonging is primal to our sense of happiness and well-being, making it important to be mindful of who we spend time with.

At a fundamental level, being disciplined gives you the ability to depend on yourself even in the most trying times. Seeing value in discipline and healthy habits has been essential to so many successful individuals, whether that be in their personal or professional life.

As we observe this in the lives of our clients, we also see value in impressing these disciplines onto our advisers. By doing so, we bring a holistic approach to your unique financial situation and add value to what matters most in your life – time.

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