Planning to Retire

Nearing retirement is possibly one of the biggest moments of your life, it is when all your hard work starts making a difference. Your savings, investments and pension contributions will now have to provide you with an income for the next 25+ years, which is why now is a great time to see a financial adviser to ensure you have everything in place.

Here are some things you may wish to consider:

Have you saved enough?

Approaching retirement is, for most people, that moment you realise that you haven’t put away as much as you probably should have and by now you don’t have enough time on yours hands to reap the benefits of compound interest. Don’t worry, it’s not too late but now is a good time to review your savings and put away as much as you possibly can.

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Your pension options

As an expat there’s a good chance you have a number of pensions scattered around the world, perhaps different types too so you should look to consolidate so that it’s all in one place and you know exactly what you have.

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Reassessing your risk profile then rebalancing your investments

Generally speaking, the less time you have on your side the more conservative your portfolio should be. Before you sail away into the sunset, complete a risk profile questionnaire to ensure that your investments still reflect your attitude towards risk.

Inheritance tax and trust planning

You’ve worked hard to build your empire. You don’t want to end up passing almost half of it to the government, instead pass 100% on to your beneficiaries by planning carefully.

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Long term care and disability

It is important in later life to plan the time you are no longer able to look after yourself and it is often overlooked. Paying for care can be incredibly expensive and without the right insurance in place, you will end up paying for it out of your remaining pension or estate or your family.

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