Track and follow

As your financial specialist, we understand the importance of keeping track of your Globaleye accounts. The Globaleye Valuation Service (GVS) is an innovative finance-management software which gives you up-to-the-second information about your financial portfolio – no matter where you are.

Monitor your performance

GVS is simple to use and brings together all your finances and policies into one user-friendly dashboard. You can see how your investments are performing and what exposures you have.   

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Know your value

The overview page lets you view all of your assets, as well as liabilities, in your choice of currency, to give you a combined net asset value. 

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View your dashboard

GVS consolidates all your investments, assets and liabilities in one place. 

Track your performance

Review fund performance through factsheets and data parameters against your desired benchmarks. 

24/7 access

Weekly market updates, price alerts and document files keep you up-to-date with global markets and your policies.